The Washington Post and Instagram together will host a midterms elections fellowship giving student journalists hands-on experience producing an election-themed IGTV series. Editors from The Post will mentor students from universities across the country to help report on the U.S. midterm elections from the perspective of college student voters.

“We are excited to open our newsroom and provide a platform and resources from video to audience engagement to help empower this next generation of journalists,” said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, managing editor at The Washington Post. “Partnering with Instagram for this innovative storytelling project will help provide an authentic look at conversations happening on the ground of college campuses and the factors motivating the youth vote come November.”

“This collaboration with The Washington Post provides a unique opportunity for student journalists to use Instagram and IGTV to tell local stories around the election,” said Lila King, News Partnerships Lead, Instagram. “I look forward to seeing not only what their coverage looks like – but also how they inspire their peers as they follow their reporting via the #Campus2018 hashtag throughout the month.”

The Post and Instagram hosted a workshop to provide the students with the skills and tools necessary to report and produce quality journalism. In the four weeks leading up to election day, the student journalists will produce a five-minute long IGTV video featuring a different school each week.

Students will choose an issue they feel is most relevant on their college campus and, through their reporting, explore how that issue is impacting the votes of their peers.

The series will launch Saturday, October 6th and be featured exclusively on The Post’s IGTV channel. A new video will then publish every Saturday until election day.