Announcement from Foreign Editor Doug Jehl:

We’re thrilled to announce that Eva Rodriguez, an accomplished editor and newsroom leader, will become deputy foreign editor, beginning in early November.

Eva’s rare combination of energy, creativity, and rigor makes her a relentless force who is also a joy to be around. She has succeeded in a wide range of leadership roles at The Post and beyond, earning a reputation for deftness in handling stories and people.

She has spent the last three years as founding editor of the Talent Network, the highly successful digital tool that launched in 2015 to link Post editors with top freelancers around the country and around the world. Before that, she spent seven years as an editorial writer for Opinions and an assignment editor on Style.

Earlier in her career, Eva was a Justice Department reporter for The Wall Street Journal; a legal affairs editor at The New York Times’ Washington bureau; and Washington bureau chief for Businessweek. She was a senior editor at Politico Magazine after a brief stint on Foreign in 2014 as The Post’s Europe and Americas editor.

Eva grew up in Miami, graduated from the University of South Florida, and began her journalism career at the Miami Daily Business Review. She and her partner, Deb, live in Takoma Park, and are the parents of mostly-grown 23-year-old twins, Gabriel and Nathaniel.

Eva will start work on Foreign in late October and will take up the deputy’s reins in early November, after Mary Beth Sheridan packs up to begin her next chapter as a Mexico correspondent.