The Washington Post has published transcripts for all episodes of the "Presidential" podcast and created lesson plans, making it easier to use the popular audio series as a tool for classroom education.

Over the course of 44 weekly episodes that aired from January 2016 through Election Day, host Lillian Cunningham explored the life, legacy, and leadership style of each American president. Cunningham spoke with prominent historians such as Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough, and also presidential relatives to create intimate and revealing portraits of each commander-in-chief.

"Since the early episodes of the podcast, I’ve heard from so many people who said they fell in love with the approach to the material, particularly from teachers who have incorporated it into their American history curricula,” said Cunningham.

This is the first time that The Post has created teaching materials based off one of its podcasts.

“We’re so gratified that “Presidential” has become a resource for so many educators. By publishing these transcripts and creating these lesson plans, we hope to make the podcast even more accessible as a teaching tool," said The Post’s director of audio, Jessica Stahl.

The “Presidential” lesson plans are designed for use in high school U.S. history classrooms and are adaptable for teaching younger or older students. Teachers can access the lesson plans in the “Education” section of the “Presidential” page on The Post site along with additional resources, including a video about the making of the podcast.

A link to the downloadable and printable versions of the transcripts can be found under each episode of the podcast.

In addition to The Post site, the “Presidential” podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and Radio Public.