The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing will license technology to Grupo La República, one of the largest print and digital media organizations in Peru. The agreement extends to its five publications including La República, which reaches more than 35 million digital readers, Líbero, El Popular, Wapa and Aweita.

“This agreement marks continued growth of Arc’s extension of technology in Latin America,” said Scot Gillespie, Chief Technology Officer at The Washington Post. “We are excited to help Grupo La República create differentiation for their brand and bring a new user experience to their readers leveraging the innovation of the Arc platform.”

Working with the Arc team, Grupo La República’s sites will utilize tools such as Darwin, A/B testing to deliver targeted experiences to specific user segments; the personalization engine, Clavis; and Bandito, variant testing headlines, blurbs, and photos.

"These years we have worked to bring quality content to our audiences. However, we are aware that technological support can be better. At that time, we identified the strength of Arc Publishing and this alliance is convenient for us. This will allow our journalists’ work to be as empowered as possible in technological ways,” said Gustavo Mohme Seminario, president of Grupo La República board of directors.

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