The Lily, a women-focused publication from The Washington Post, will put a spotlight on first-time female candidates running for office with a live mural painting on election night. The mural, which will be located at The Line Hotel in Washington, D.C., will depict an eagle with 184 feathers representing the 184 women across parties who are first-time candidates for congressional or gubernatorial seats, or are seeking a higher office in Congress. A feather will be colored in each time a female candidate wins her seat, with the final product conveying exactly how many non-incumbent women were elected to office.

“Team Lily is always pushing to tell stories in creative, visual ways,” said Amy King, editor-in-chief of The Lily. “The mural is a unique, lasting way to portray this moment in American politics, with women running for office at record numbers.”

The live stream can be viewed starting at 7 p.m. EST on Nov. 6 on The Lily’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The mural will be open to the public beginning Nov. 7 at The Line Hotel.

The mural is sponsored by TRESemmé. It will be designed by Laurène Boglio and will be painted by Spectrum Studio.