The Washington Post today announced a special live show on election night, providing the public with the latest midterm election news, analysis and race results from across the country. Starting at 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 6th, Election Night Live will be the exclusive midterm video programming live on Snapchat giving the platform’s engaged audience an opportunity to follow election coverage. In addition to being streamed on The Post’s homepage, live blogs, Twitch and YouTube, the show will be syndicated online by more than 150 local news sites nationwide.

“For big events, people turn to us for up-to-the-minute live coverage in both text and video,” said Micah Gelman, director of video at The Post. “We’re excited that on election night readers and viewers will get breaking news, in-depth reporting and smart analysis from the nation’s top political team.”

Election Night Live will be anchored by reporter Libby Casey along with political reporter Eugene Scott, national correspondent Philip Bump, who will be positioned at an interactive results wall, and Hannah Jewell, host of The Post’s Midterm’s Cheat Sheet Publisher Story on Snapchat. The night will be driven by live interviews on set and in the field with The Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning political team and opinion writers including Dan Balz, Seung Min Kim, David Weigel and Karen Tumulty. Coverage will include live dispatches from The Post’s reporters in Florida, Texas, California, Virginia, Missouri and more.

The Post’s election night will feature race results and live feeds from candidate speeches with a cross-platform results dashboard to track the race for control of both chambers of Congress as well as governorships.

To complement the special coverage, The Post has evolved its in-house automated storytelling technology, Heliograf, creating an immersive second-screen experience for readers seeking election results and analysis in an easy to consume way. Together, editors and developers built templates to help the artificial intelligence system capture news as it unfolds, providing real-time race calls, tracking the gender balance in congress, geographically oriented analysis of remaining votes and other information about key races. These updates will appear in the “Live Election Ticker” that will appear on the homepage, election-related display pages and individual articles.

This year, The Post’s Heliograf technology is also adding county-level geographic analysis that will automatically assess voting trends across key regions such as South Florida, the Philadelphia suburbs and Texas’s border with Mexico. The system will monitor vote totals as they come in and make instant comparisons with previous elections.

To stay up to date on mobile devices, The Post will send app users alerts with multiple graphics that users can toggle between, such as House and Senate results maps. Those images will update live so the user can view the most current map whenever they look, directly from their lock screen.

With reporters on the ground, real-time analysis, live video and district-level detail, The Washington Post is your authoritative source for election coverage. (The Washington Post)