Announcement from Investigative Editor Jeff Leen, Deputy Investigative Editor David Fallis and Rapid Response Editor Eric Rich:

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Jenn Abelson to The Post’s Investigative Unit. Jenn is a writer for The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team, where she has had a run of stellar investigative work.

Among Jenn’s stories is the jaw-dropping tale that revealed how surgeons at teaching hospitals around the country were operating on two patients at the same time. Jenn worked with a team of reporters in the face of an intense campaign by the subjects of the reporting to kill the story.

Her other work includes an exposé of how educators failed to protect students in New England prep schools from sexual assault. She documented the deadly housing conditions for college students at the hands of landlords who chose profits over safety.

And in September, Jenn helped expose the existence of a secret criminal court system in Massachusetts where clerks cut deals behind closed doors.

Jenn brings an enterprising tack to her reporting: When she grew suspicious that New England restaurants were mislabeling the fish they sold, she put the restaurants to the test, literally. She and another reporter brought fishy samples back to The Boston Globe’s basement and sent them out for analysis, confirming suspicions.

Her reporting has sparked investigations and reforms and been recognized with many honors, including Pulitzer Prize finalist.

She grew up in New York, graduated in 2000 from Cornell University with a degree in communications and joined The Globe in 2001. This year, she co-authored the book “I Have The Right To: A High School Survivor’s Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope,” which grew out of her Globe reporting.

We look forward to her continued great work after she joins The Post in January. Please give her a warm welcome.