Announcement from Executive Features Editor Liz Seymour, Deputy Features Editor David Malitz and Deputy Features Editor Mitch Rubin:

We are thrilled to announce that Avi Selk, who has done tremendous work on the General Assignment team, will join Features next week as a Style reporter.

Avi joined The Post from the Dallas Morning News in late 2016. Since then, he has written about 600 stories, specializing in what he calls “rapid-deadline narratives,” including his biography of a 43-year-old spider, Sarah Huckabee Sanders's brief adventure at the Red Hen, and various disgusting things that have happened on airplanes.

He feels lucky to have worked on a GA desk so flexible that he was sent to Houston to report on Hurricane Harvey, anchored our early coverage of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, and was allowed to chronicle President Trump's relationships with orbs.

He spent seven years at the Morning News covering crime, schools and suburban Texas politics. Earlier this year, he spoke about how to craft the “breaking narrative” at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, and he says he is excited to bring what he's learned on GA to Style, as well as learn from his new colleagues.

Avi grew up in a small mountain town in British Columbia, graduated high school in Winnipeg, and explored a short-lived art career before dropping out of community college and traveling to Europe.

He eventually resettled in Austin, where he enrolled at the University of Texas, got his bachelor’s in journalism, and never looked back.

Please join us as we welcome Avi to the 8th floor on Monday.