Announcement from Steven Ginsberg, National editor, Lori Montgomery, deputy National editor, Peter Wallsten, Politics editor:

We are very excited to announce that The Washington Post’s own Chelsea Janes and Sean Sullivan are joining the National Politics campaign team.

Chelsea and Sean are among the seven additions we are announcing in the coming weeks as we expand our staff for the 2020 presidential race. This team will focus on the Democratic field, covering the campaign from the trail while also reporting on the backgrounds and records of the contenders.

Chelsea joins us from Sports, where her four years of energetic and incisive coverage of the Washington Nationals prepared her well for the rigors of a presidential campaign. On the Nats beat, Chelsea became the go-to source for news on the Nationals -- most recently for her reporting on the Bryce Harper free agency sweepstakes. Chelsea has kept The Post ahead of the competition, including an Election Day scoop that the Nationals had offered Harper the biggest free agent contract in the history of the four major North American sports and another yesterday on the signing of Patrick Corbin.

Chelsea joined The Post as an intern in 2013 and began her career covering high school sports. She grew up in Longmeadow, Mass., as a devout Yankees fan in the heart of Red Sox nation. At Yale, she studied history and international studies, played varsity softball for four years, and stumbled into journalism as a columnist for the Yale Daily News. She earned a Master’s degree in communications from Stanford University.

Sean covered the 2016 presidential campaign and has spent the last two years as a member of The Post’s Congress team. In that role, Sean distinguished himself as a specialist on the politics of the Senate, delivering scoops on each party’s midterm campaign strategy. Sean documented an unusual rift between the White House and the Republican candidate for Senate in North Dakota, revealed private conversations between Mitch McConnell and President Trump, and provided enterprising coverage on the battle over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Sean joined The Post in 2012 as a member of The Fix. In 2016, he covered Marco Rubio’s ill-fated presidential campaign before shifting to Ted Cruz and, ultimately, Donald Trump. Before joining The Post, Sean interned at ABC News and worked at NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation and National Journal. He grew up in Hawaii and suburban Seattle and earned a philosophy degree from Hamilton College. He lives in Falls Church with his wife Emily and their dog, Migel.

Steven Lori Peter