Announcement from Senior Director of Audience Ryan Kellett:

I’m thrilled to announce that Sophie Ho is being promoted to newsroom audience analyst. Sophie will be the newsroom’s foremost resource on how we use digital metrics for editorial decision-making. Partnering with the company-wide analytics team led by Beth Diaz and Venkatesh Varalu, she will provide insight about how our readers responded to live news coverage, anticipated major news events and evergreen areas of coverage.

Sophie joined The Post in 2016 as engagement editor on the Universal News Desk after interning with the audience team. While on the Hub, she helped optimize our top articles each day and played a key role in creating the research material for the audience trainings last year. She transitioned to be a founding member of the operations team, first working with Financial and then with the National/Politics section. From the 2017 tax plan to midterm elections last month, Sophie’s ability to use our analytics to dissect how readers discover and engage with our journalism has been invaluable to improving our digital performance and products.

Sophie, a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in political science, was executive news editor of the Daily Californian and had interned at AJ+.

Please join me in congratulating Sophie on her new role.