Announcement from Susan Levine, editor of the Talent Network, and Barbara Vobejda, deputy managing editor:

In the nearly four years since Jenny arrived at The Post as an assistant editor in Outlook, she has demonstrated a talent for identifying smart ideas on and off the news, a commitment to bringing new voices to our readers and a skill at shepherding both topics and writers to publication. She’s also shown herself to be a generous, collaborative colleague.

Among the journalistic highlights: Jenny conceived, planned and edited an ambitious project examining the lives of nearly four dozen nonviolent drug offenders whom President Obama had granted clemency one year earlier. It yielded richly detailed, often bittersweet accounts of how these individuals had adjusted and tried to move on -- presented in their own words "as told to" Jenny and some 20 Post reporters from across the newsroom. The package ran as a special issue of the Outlook section.

Her work in Outlook built on her tenure at Washington City Paper, where she did virtually everything as assistant managing editor, including manage the internship program. Before City Paper, she covered celebrity and political gossip at the Washington Examiner and reported for on topics from culture to grocery stores.

Jenny hails from Ohio but headed to Rhodes College in Tennessee for a bachelor's degree in studio art and to the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a master's.

We expect Jenny’s savvy to help the Talent Network continue to expand its value to the newsroom with digital impact and sharp stories. We can’t wait for her to start Feb. 4.