Announcement from Editorial Video Director Micah Gelman, Deputy Video Director Phoebe Connelly and Video Executive Producer David Bruns:

We are pleased to announce that Rhonda Colvin, who has worked as planning editor in video for the past three years, will be promoted to Capitol Hill video reporter starting in January.

Rhonda is already spending significant time on the Hill, chasing down lawmakers for comment, arranging interviews and developing stories. Rhonda will also continue to appear frequently on our live programming. She most recently reported from the Capitol and National Cathedral for the funeral of George H.W. Bush and from Tallahassee for the Florida Senate race. In her now role, Rhonda will be expanding our Hill coverage with a permanent video presence and develop lines of enterprise coverage in collaboration with her colleagues on the Politics team.

Rhonda joined The Post in January 2016 and distinguished herself in planning coverage of major events for video, along with reporting her own projects including the recent “Now What?” and “Traveling While Black.” Before The Post, Rhonda reported for the Wall Street Journal and was a television reporter and producer in Montgomery, Alabama, where she covered the state legislature.