Announcement from Universal News Desk Editor Kenisha Malcolm, Home Page Producer Emily Woodward Deutsch and Home Page Editor Chris George:

We are pleased to announce that Andrea Platten will join the Universal Desk as part of the team editing the home page and breaking news.

Andrea came to The Post in 2017 as a summer intern on the Emerging News Products team, where she spent time editing for the national app, Snapchat Discover and The Lily. After her internship, Andrea joined the team as a multiplatform editor, where her speed and keen eye for news proved invaluable. In this role, she set lineups for both the app and Snapchat editions several times a week and crafted language for everything from Discover projects and full-edition takeovers to breaking news alerts to Kindle Fire icons.

As a member of the Hub, Andrea will help curate our home pages and Classic apps in the afternoons and evenings. She’ll be responsible for flagging other editors to breaking news, writing and sending alerts, and posting news to social media. As with others on the Hub’s night schedule, you’ll see her fill in occasionally on the overnight shift, managing all the Post’s digital platforms and editing stories from our foreign correspondents and other breaking stories.

Andrea, a proud meme aficionado, is a native of Southern California. She is a 2017 graduate of UC Berkeley, where she ran the student newspaper, The Daily Californian.

Please join us in congratulating Andrea and welcoming her to the Hub when she joins us on Jan. 22.