The Washington Post Opinions section today announced the launch of an Arabic-language page, helping expand the reach of Post journalism to readers around the world. This online destination will host high-quality translations of Global Opinions columns, editorials and op-eds that are relevant to the Arabic-speaking audience.

“The mission of the Global Opinions section has always been to give readers around the world a platform where they can find a variety of perspectives on the most pressing issues affecting their region,” said Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor at The Post. “This page will make it easier for more readers to access free and independent commentary about the cultural and political topics that most impact them. The importance of this has become more evident since the murder of our own colleague Jamal Khashoggi, who saw very clearly the need for a forum such as this.”

The Arabic-language page is The Post’s first designated destination for translated pieces as The Post continues to expand its offerings in different languages. It will feature commentary by writers world-wide, including those based in the Middle East and North Africa.

Over the past year, The Post’s Opinions section has also experimented with translating op-eds in other languages including Spanish, Turkish, and Farsi.

Read the Arabic version of the announcement below.