Announcement from Universal Desk Editor Editor Kenisha Malcolm and Deputy Universal Desk Editor Emily Tsao:

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Murray has joined the Universal Desk’s dayside breaking news operation.

Since joining The Post in 2014, Sarah has worked on the hub’s night desk as a lead editor for our flagship tablet app, working with editors, producers, designers and developers to improve the app experience. Her ability to collaborate with colleagues at all levels and her understanding of user habits and traffic trends will inform her new role curating our home page and helping to edit breaking news stories and alerts.

Prior to The Post, Sarah worked at McClatchy-Tribune News Service in D.C. and at The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. She lives with her husband and their dog, Grumble, in Petworth, where she's trying to find out how many plants she can cram into a very small garden.

Please stop by the Hub and welcome Sarah to the dayside.