A Washington Post documentary details the efforts to get Jason Rezaian released from imprisonment in Iran. (Washington Post/Washington Post)

A new Washington Post mini-documentary tells the story of Jason Rezaian’s imprisonment in Iran from the perspective of those at The Post who were involved in getting him released. The former Tehran bureau chief was unjustly jailed by Iranian authorities for 544 day until his release in January 2016. Accompanying the video is an excerpt from Rezaian’s new book, “Prisoner,” which details his time in captivity. The book will be released on January 22.

The Post is giving subscribers early access to the package, and will email a link to the documentary. It will be accessible to all readers on Friday, January 18. The book excerpt will appear in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post.

Rezaian will discuss his experience in a live interview with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius on Wednesday, January 23. More details, including a link to the livestream of the conversation, can be found on the Washington Post Live page.