Announcement from Executive Editor Martin Baron, Managing Editor Cameron Barr, Managing Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz and Managing Editor Tracy Grant:

We’re pleased to announce the formation of a team of reporters focused on immigration as part of the America desk.

Our immigration coverage was outstanding in 2018, and we’re grateful to the editors – primarily Mike Semel and Debbi Wilgoren – who made that success possible by organizing the efforts of colleagues in a half dozen departments. With the recently announced addition of a National correspondent who will be based in Texas, principally to cover the border, it now makes sense for our key immigration reporters to be part of a single team.

To accomplish that, Nick Miroff will move from the National Security team to Team America. He’ll maintain his responsibility for DHS and will coordinate closely with National Security whenever the need arises. In addition, Maria Sacchetti, who covers immigration enforcement and other policy issues, will move from the Metro staff to Team America. She’ll maintain her responsibility for coverage of immigration locally and will do so in concert with Metro.

Nick and Maria will work alongside the soon-to-be-hired Texas-based reporter, as well as Abby Hauslohner, whose focus on Muslims in America will broaden to take in more immigration-related stories.

Immigration will be led by America editor Josh White, who has a demonstrated record of success in leading a coverage team. As education editor on Metro, his responsibility included everything from the workings of area school systems to education policymaking at the highest levels of government. We expect him to bring similar breadth and ambition to our immigration report.

Putting immigration under the America umbrella is part of the expansion of our national coverage, especially in state capitals, an effort under the direction of deputy America editor Simone Sebastian. Josh’s reporters will continue working closely with other departments involved and he will become the convener of a regular immigration coverage meeting.

These changes go into effect Monday, Feb. 11.