Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy Foreign Editor Eva Rodriguez and Europe Editor Marisa Bellack:

We’re thrilled to announce that Loveday Morris, our bureau chief in Jerusalem, will become Berlin bureau chief, effective this summer.

Loveday is a tenacious reporter and perceptive writer whose courageous and enterprising work from the Middle East for much of the last decade made her a true standout. In the past year alone, Loveday delivered powerful first-hand accounts from Gaza as Israeli sharpshooters opened fire on Palestinian protesters, who had been encouraged by Hamas in many cases to march on a well-guarded border fence; she painted revealing, moving portraits of ordinary people to illuminate a sense of despair and resignation among Israelis and Palestinians 20 years after the Oslo accords; and she assumed a pivotal role during five nonstop weeks in Istanbul in The Post’s remarkable reporting that led the world in unearthing high-level Saudi complicity in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Loveday joined The Post in 2013 as a Beirut-based correspondent. She became Baghdad bureau chief in 2015, delivering agenda-setting coverage on Iraq during the rise and fall of the Islamic State, including weeks reporting from near the front lines during the Iraqi assault to retake Mosul. She moved on to Jerusalem in 2017, covering Israel and the Palestinians during a period when the Trump administration’s full-throated support of Israel is shaking up the long-accepted status quo in that conflict.

Loveday began her career as a retail reporter for Bloomberg News in London, then moved to the Middle East where she was a reporter for The National in Abu Dhabi and a freelance journalist in Beirut. She has also worked as a freelance news editor for The Independent and The Times in London. She is a graduate of Exeter University, where she majored in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. She has also studied some French and German.

In moving to Berlin, Loveday will take over from Griff Witte, who is returning to the newsroom. Her long experience in the Middle East will serve her well in a region whose demographics and politics have been transformed by waves of migration, particularly from Syria. She will work in close partnership with the rest of our Europe team, which includes correspondents in London, Brussels, Paris, Moscow and Rome.