Announcement from Local Editor Mike Semel, Deputy Local Editor Monica Norton and Local Assignment Editor Lynda Robinson: We are thrilled to announce that Gillian Brockell will be the new anchor of Retropolis.

Gillian has worked at The Post for five years as a video editor, first on the National desk and then for Post Opinions. But her real love is writing, especially writing about history. When The Post announced the creation of a new history blog two years ago, she begged to write for it. Since then, she has used her time off to contribute two dozen posts to Retropolis, including how a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware went 19th century viral and the enduring mystery of Roanoke’s Lost Colony .

Gillian, a former JetBlue flight attendant who has written a screenplay about George Washington’s misspent youth, majored in history at the University of Texas at Austin and has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She loves collecting stories people find incredible. Want to know about the bromance between Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx or the Supreme Court justice who shook hands with both John Quincy Adams and JFK? She can tell you all about it.

Gillian has plans to make our history posts more visually compelling and to find new ways to deliver them to our growing audience. She promises Tweet storms, GIFs and AMP stories. She even hopes to dive into our old print photo archives, where treasures abound but unearthing them can be…challenging. If anyone is up to it, she is.

Gillian will start her new job later this month. Please welcome her when she joins Metro.