Announcement from Snapchat Discover Design Editor Chris Barber, Editorial Director for Emerging News Products Coleen O’Lear and Snapchat Discover Editor John Taylor:

We are pleased to announce that Rachel Hatzipanagos will join the Snapchat Discover team as a multiplatform editor.

Rachel came to The Post in 2016 as a multiplatform editor on the Emerging News Products team, where she spent time editing and producing for the national app. In this role, she championed highlighting diverse voices and subjects, helping to workshop ideas and language for Kindle Fire icons and curating editions. Rachel has already done some work with the Snapchat team, impressing us by quickly picking up the nuances of summarizing stories for that audience.

As a member of our Snapchat team, Rachel will help curate the daily edition of The Washington Post on the Discover platform. She'll spotlight stories that we should include in our editions, work with designers and editors to reimagine Post content for mobile, and write and publish breaking news updates.

Outside the Emerging News Products umbrella, Rachel has also earned praise for her ideas and reporting for The Post’s “About US” newsletter.

Please join us in congratulating Rachel.