Announcement from Director of Audio Jessica Stahl:

I am excited to announce that Bishop Sand will be joining the audio team as a producer, working particularly on feature projects and sound design.

Bishop comes to us from the Goat Rodeo creative podcast agency, where he developed and edited podcasts for a variety of clients. He also created his own podcast projects that explored a variety of topics, including empathy and risk, through innovative, immersive approaches to sound.

Before Bishop made the leap full-time into audio and podcasting, he taught himself production skills while teaching high school chemistry, biology and physics. To describe the connection between his teaching career and his audio one, Bishop says, "Getting an audience to care about an audio story is like getting a room full of hormonal teenagers to care about an acceleration vector: you have to find a way to make the information feel like it directly resonates with them."

Bishop has a master’s degree in secondary science education from City College of New York and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Please join me in welcoming him when he starts on March 11.