Announcement from National Editor Steven Ginsberg, Deputy National Editor Lori Montgomery and Politics Editor Peter Wallsten:

We are delighted to announce that Joshua Partlow, who most recently served as The Post’s Mexico City bureau chief, is joining the National staff as part of the political enterprise and investigations team.

In his brief time back in the United States, Josh has already been a key player in our coverage of the Trump Organization’s reliance on undocumented workers. As a member of the team, he will continue to focus on the Trump Organization, while also helping to vet 2020 presidential candidates.

During his five years in Mexico, Josh covered worsening drug violence, waves of Central American refugees, unrest in Venezuela and Nicaragua -- and the capture, escape and recapture of El Chapo. Among his most memorable pieces were the story of a 26-year-old farmer from El Salvador separated from his daughter by U.S. border authorities, an examination of Mexico’s heroin highway and his first-person account of university students besieged for 15 hours by Nicaraguan paramilitaries.

Josh, who grew up in Olympia, Wash., joined The Post in 2003 as an intern on the Financial desk before moving to Metro to cover Southern Maryland. In 2009, he joined the Foreign staff, where he has served with distinction as a Baghdad correspondent, bureau chief in Afghanistan and South American correspondent based in Brazil. He is the author of “A Kingdom of Their Own,” about the Afghan war.

Please join us in welcoming Josh to the National staff.