Washington Post White House reporters Josh Dawsey and Ashley Parker were honored by the White House Correspondents’ Association in the organization’s 2019 journalism awards, announced today.

Josh Dawsey was awarded the Merriman Smith Memorial Award for excellence in presidential news coverage under deadline pressure (print) for his story, “Trump derides protections for immigrants from shithole countries.” The judges write:

Josh Dawsey relied on multiple sources for his exclusive report on language used by President Trump in a meeting on immigration with members of the Senate. The president described immigrants as coming from “shithole countries,” wondered why the U.S. couldn’t admit more immigrants from countries like Norway and singled out Haitians as immigrants he wanted to block. The language became one of the emblematic phrases of the administration, used to illustrate the president’s desire to curtail immigration, especially from countries in Central America and Africa. Dawsey worked on deadline, but added context and detail as he worked on the story. His entry epitomizes the criteria for the Merriman Smith Award – speed, accuracy, objectivity and initiative.

Additionally, Ashley Parker was given an honorable mention for the Aldo Beckman Award for repeated excellence in White House coverage. The judges write that Ashley’s “vibrant, colorful and eminently readable stories inform and enlighten us about the inner workings and thinking of the Trump administration. It is solid, in-the-moment reporting.”

The awards will be presented at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Saturday, April 27 at the Washington Hilton. See the full list of winners here.