"Teach Dave to Cook"

The Washington Post today released a new limited-run video series that will teach inexperienced cooks building block skills to help them confidently prepare quick and easy meals in the kitchen. In “Teach Dave to Cook,” Food Anchor Mary Beth Albright will not only teach both the viewer and Post satirist Dave Jorgenson how to cook meals, but also share tips on what to look out for when purchasing ingredients and how to stock your kitchen with essential tools needed for various dishes.

“I hope viewers who watch Dave and I in the kitchen learn that home cooking can be, and usually is, messy and imperfect, but can still be easy and delicious,” said Albright. “Cooking as a social activity is a permission slip to make kitchens fun again.”

In the first episode, Jorgenson reveals his desire to one day be able to cook a full-course meal. Albright builds on Jorgenson’s current kitchen skills and teaches him how to cook a steak with just salt, pepper and red wine.

New episodes will be available on Voraciously, The Post’s destination for people who wish to cook confidently, each morning this week at 11 a.m. ET.