The Washington Post’s Brand Studio was recognized for their work at the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, taking home the award for Best Branded Content Series for their collaboration with Harry’s and Best Branded Podcast for their work with T. Rowe Price & Wavemaker.

From Digiday announcement:

Best Branded Content Series

WP BrandStudio & Harry’s – The Changing Face of Masculinity

If you’ve ever ridden a subway in New York, you’re familiar with Harry’s. What started out as a male-focused grooming and shaving company has now expanded into the U.K., solidifying partnerships with brands like Heyday and launching a women’s brand named Flamingo. Last year, the personal care industry disruptor worked with The Washington Post’s WP BrandStudio to create a three-phase content series that would help to position them as a brand that is continuing important cultural conversations like what it means to be masculine in a modern world.

Best Branded Podcast

WP BrandStudio, T. Rowe Price & Wavemaker – The Confident Wallet™

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve listened to a podcast today. The industry, which has grown immensely in recent years, has become an opportunity for many verticals to reach their core customers. This does not exclude investment management firms like T. Rowe Price, who teamed up with WP BrandStudio to create The Confident Wallet™, which would be the first foray into branded podcasts for both companies. The podcast, which began in January 2018, features topics like couples and money, saving for college, retirement strategies and more.