Announcement from Investigative Editor Jeff Leen, Deputy Investigative Editor David Fallis and Rapid Response Investigative Editor Eric Rich:

Aaron comes to us from the Graphics Department, where his exemplary work has helped visualize stories across the newsroom with deeply reported graphics. Last year, he created ambitious, state-of-the-art graphics for our Murder with Impunity series, which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for explanatory reporting. In 2017, he worked with our staff to visualize the findings of the Fired/Rehired series that revealed how difficult it is for police departments nationwide to shed troubled officers. This year, he has worked on The Fentanyl Failure, building graphics that showed the devastation nationwide caused by America’s most deadly drug crisis.

He and his colleagues last year published “America is more diverse than ever — but still segregated,” an analysis of U.S. racial demographics since 1990. He also contributed to several of the tools used to publish stories by the graphics team, and in 2016 he helped build the data backend for the presidential election web pages.

As part of our team, Aaron will primarily focus on mining data for investigative angles, and reporting and writing on what he has found.

Before joining The Post in 2016, Aaron was the Interactive Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and before that, a news applications developer for the Center for Investigative Reporting. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with a minor in philosophy from San Francisco State University. At SF State, he led the relaunch of the student-run newspaper, Golden Gate Xpress, where he also served as the multimedia editor. Aaron is a proud Bay Area native and an avid hip-hop fan.

Please congratulate him on his new role.