Announcement from National News Editor Steven Ginsberg, Deputy National Editor Lori Montgomery and Deputy National Editor Peter Wallsten:

We are very excited to announce that Amanda Erickson will join the National Politics staff as a deputy campaign editor.

Amanda, who has demonstrated enormous skill and creativity as acting editor of The Fix during Natalie Jennings' parental leave, will help lead our coverage of one of the most dynamic presidential elections in memory. She will work a Thursday to Monday shift, enabling us to have a full-time political editor on weekends, when many of the biggest campaign events occur. Amanda will serve in a hybrid role as part of her work on Saturdays and Sundays, guiding the overall National desk weekend report.

Amanda started her journalism career writing political profiles as part of The Post’s WhoRunsGov site. After a year teaching and reporting from Baku, Azerbaijan, on a Fulbright award, she returned to D.C. to work at The Atlantic’s CityLab as a writer and editor.

She returned to The Post in 2014 to help launch PostEverything with Adam Kushner. During the Ferguson protests, she tracked down an African American police officer in St. Louis who wrote about the racism he faced on the job. During the Bundy standoff, she found an Oregon rancher to explain why he sympathized with the occupiers' position.

In 2016, Amanda joined Foreign as a reporter on the WorldViews team. She wrote about Brexit, the wars in Syria and Yemen, Venezuela’s political crisis, and spent some time last summer reporting from Beijing.

Amanda, who earned an urban studies degree from Columbia University, lives in Michigan Park with her husband John and two cats. She will begin her new job when her run on The Fix concludes in June. Please join us in welcoming her to National.