The Washington Post today debuted “Secret Table,” a new video series taking viewers inside the nation’s most exclusive restaurants. Hosted by The Post’s Mary Beth Albright, “Secret Table” will feature behind-the-scenes footage of the restaurants and cuisine, interviews with the chefs and tips on how viewers can dine at the restaurants themselves.

“Some of my favorite dining experiences have been at restaurants that were never on top-50 lists,” said Albright. “Let’s open doors to new culinary adventures together. Viewers can travel with me to discover secret restaurants -- and restaurant secrets.”

In the first episode, Albright visits Petit Bouchon, a six-table restaurant hidden within the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. Albright sits down with Petit Bouchon’s general manager Max Jacquet and executive chef Mark Courseille to discuss why they decided to open up the restaurant in D.C. and how they believe in “soft diplomacy.”

Episodes will span 5-8 minutes and will be released bi-weekly until July 24. Viewers can access videos on