The Washington Post today announced the launch of By The Way, a highly visual and thoroughly reported destination for travelers who want to experience cities around the world like a local. Launching June 18, By The Way will include insider guides to popular national and international locations written by local journalists and provide practical travel tips and pertinent travel news.

“The Post has had years of success at cultivating a freelance network of journalists around the world who provide us with high-quality journalism,” said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, managing editor for The Post. “Applying those same practices, we’ll be working with city experts to showcase their hometown secrets to give travelers a deeper understanding of where they are visiting. We won’t just tell stories about destinations; we will provide useful information for the traveler in an easily accessible and digestible way.”

Amanda Finnegan, editor of By The Way, will lead a dedicated editorial staff at The Post who will collaborate with dozens of writers covering the cities where they reside.

“We want to provide travelers with a deeper understanding of where they are visiting – the culture, the quirks, the customs – so they feel a personal connection,” said Finnegan. “Through By The Way, users can immediately find the information they need to create a richer travel experience.”

Travelers will have access to the following features:

· City Guides – Local writers offer recommendations on what to see, where to eat, and neighborhoods in which to stay. City guides will include a brief biography of the local writer and will be paired with destination-based content such as interviews with local chefs and tips on how to celebrate holidays like a local.

· Travel tips – Advice for becoming a savvier traveler.

· News – News that could affect travelers’ plans and trends reshaping travel.

By The Way will debut with 50 city guides featuring destinations such as Barcelona, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Istanbul. Throughout the year, The Post will add more cities and introduce new features and expanded functionality to simplify the travel experience.

Readers can also receive By The Way directly in their inboxes through a weekly newsletter delivered Thursday afternoons starting June 20. The By The Way newsletter will highlight city guides and feature top stories. Readers can sign up here.

By The Way can be found at starting June 18 and on Instagram at @ByTheWay.