WP BrandStudio, in collaboration with Mike’s Hard Lemonade, will host an interactive and social event that will allow people to experience whether or not happy content makes them happier. Attendees will have the ability to try out emotion recognition technology and see if their moods are affected by watching positive videos at the pop-up event taking place Sunday, June 23 from 1-6pm at 23 W. 24th Street.

“The Washington Post is a leader in tech innovation and experimentation, and we’re pleased to give people an opportunity to be hands-on with our current use of a growing technology,” said Annie Granatstein, head of WP BrandStudio. “Working with Mike’s Hard Lemonade, our execution of custom events and use of in-house audience research reinforce how we can effectively connect a brand’s message directly with the consumers they want to reach.”

The event will follow the release of the results from WP BrandStudio’s analysis of the impact of positive content on people’s moods. The article includes findings from an original study by WP BrandStudio, which found that during positive videos, the average viewer expressed happiness throughout nearly 40 percent of the video—nearly 4x more than neutral videos—and reported a lift in mood after watching.

“As a brand rooted in happiness, we focus on creating social connections and bringing people together in moments of joy,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Mike’s Hard Lemonade, said in the custom article. “The use of WP BrandStudio’s innovative technologies and AI capabilities allows us to dive deeper into the impact of news and content on consumers’ moods and to harness this technology to spread positive news.”

Complimentary Mike’s Hard Lemonade drinks will be served at the pop-up event, which is open to the public. Attendees must be 21 or over to enter.