Announcement from Editorial Video Director Micah Gelman, Deputy Video Director Phoebe Connelly and Video Executive Producer David Bruns:

We are pleased to announce two promotions in video:

Jayne Orenstein has become Senior Producer, Special Projects, after two years leading our efforts in emerging video technology.

In her new role, Jayne oversees our video editors embedded with The Post's new travel vertical, By The Way. She continues her work with the graphics team on visual explainers (if you haven't seen our piece on why the moon sometimes appears larger, please give it a watch) as well as overseeing the use of emerging technologies like drones in our reporting.

As a video producer, Jayne has been instrumental in launching and creating projects with a strong visual identity. She worked with Grace Raver to produce our original Snapchat and YouTube series with Maura Judkis, "Is It Good?" In 2018, Jayne turned her attention to politics. With Teddy Amenabar, she worked with student journalists at four campuses around the country to highlight the issues important to Gen Z voters in the midterm election. Post-election, Jayne was part of the team that profiled two of the women elected into office in the 116th Congress—traveling with Deb Haaland and Ayanna Pressley as they made their way to Washington.

Jayne joined The Post in the fall of 2010 as a video department intern and was hired on after she graduated from George Washington University in 2011. During her time here, she has worked on long-form storytelling for our award-winning First and 17 documentary, coverage of the Glenstone museum expansion and a profile of Katie Ledecky ahead of her turn at the 2016 Olympics.

She will continue reporting to Phoebe Connelly.

Jesse Mesner-Hage has become Senior Producer, Original Video, overseeing political coverage for the video reporter team. In his new role, Jesse shares management of the video reporter team with Reem Akkad and closely coordinates politics coverage with Peter Stevenson. Jesse already has had great success working with our freelance videographers in providing deep-dive coverage of issues in the 2018 midterm elections.

Jesse joined The Post in May 2017 as a commissioning editor and worked exhaustively to build relationships with video freelancers around the world. His ability to craft compelling long-form narratives meant he quickly moved from managing the Talent Network to overseeing large projects, including The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort, our coverage of family separations last summer, and Invisible Walls. Jesse is a true Swiss Army Knife, who can quickly pivot from finding hotels in the middle of a hurricane, field producing big events and even appearing on-camera during our 2018 midterms coverage.

Jesse remains video’s point person for the Talent Network. He continues reporting to David Bruns.