Digiday’s Jessica Davies spoke with Jarrod Dicker, VP of commercial technology and development, about The Post’s next generation ad targeting technology, Zeus Insights. From her story:

However, The Post’s strategic goal isn’t just to provide ad-targeting options for advertising clients that want to wean themselves off reliance on third-party cookies; it’s also to widen other publishers’ ability to compete with the big tech platforms.
The Post plans to license the Zeus platform to publishers both domestically and internationally, by integrating it with its Arc technology platform, which it has licensed to publishers since 2016 and reaches a combined 600 million unique users globally, according to the publisher. The theory is that in doing so, publishers can compete more effectively with the scale and data-targeting opportunities provided by Facebook and Google.
“This is about how we build the media businesses of tomorrow,” said Jarrod Dicker, vp of commercial technology and development at The Post. “It would give publishers a more collective understanding of [being part of] a network, and that then starts to become the opportunity to really challenge the platforms and not feel so closed off because the opportunities are happening on individual platforms.”