Announcement from Business Editor David Cho, Deputy Business Editor Zachary Goldfarb and Technology Editor Christina Passariello:

We are excited to announce that Heather Kelly will be The Washington Post’s reporter covering the ways technology affects everyday life, including relationships, financial situations, education, work, health and entertainment.

Heather has been a technology reporter and editor for the past 13 years, most recently at CNN where she excelled at writing about innovations and offering advice on how to make good tech-related decisions (or unmake bad ones). Her subjects included a look at a $500 smartphone made of wood, Google’s effort to transform photography with an algorithm, and attempts by parents to look for screen-time alternatives for their children.

She has written stories on virtually all the big tech companies, including Uber, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter. Before joining CNN, she worked at Macworld. Heather received her bachelor’s degree in journalism at New York University. She spent much of her childhood in Oklahoma, where she was the editor of her high school paper. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.

Heather will be in D.C. beginning Aug. 12 before settling into the San Francisco bureau. Please come by and welcome her to the newsroom.