Annoucement from Local Editor Mike Semel, Deputy Local Editor Monica Norton and Local Enterprise Editor Lynda Robinson:

We are thrilled to announce that Sydney Trent will join the Local Enterprise team as a staff writer.

Many of you know Sydney as one of The Post’s most gifted editors. In her two decades here, she has mentored writers and elevated stories for Metro, The Post Magazine, Style and, for the last seven years, as Social Issues editor. Her reporters have won too many awards to list here, but include the George Polk, Society for Features Journalism, Religion Newswriters Association, Mike Berger and Livingston.

Not surprisingly, Sydney is a beautiful writer herself, with a deep understanding of how to structure long, complicated narratives. She has long harbored a desire to return to reporting and writing, and we are delighted to help her fulfill that ambition.

During her years at The Post, Sydney has written powerful stories about racial justice grounded in the history of her family. Her cover story about her godmother, Barbara Johns, one of the plaintiffs in Brown v. the Board of Education, helped the magazine win a National Education Writers Association award for an issue devoted to the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision. Sydney also chronicled her efforts to become a baseball fan for a magazine cover story on gender and sports.

As an enterprise writer, Sydney plans to tackle stories about race, especially the way the lives of African Americans, whites and people of other backgrounds intersect, as well as gentrification, affordability, equity and other issues shaping our region and country.

There are few people in our newsroom with deeper roots in Washington than Sydney. She grew up in Virginia, visited relatives in D.C. all the time and has lived in Maryland for two decades with her husband Bruce and her daughters, Alex and Olivia. Somehow, they are all Phillies fans.

Sydney will start her new job this fall.