Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy Foreign Editor Eva Rodriguez, and Middle East Editor Alan Sipress:

We’re very pleased to announce that Sarah Dadouch of Reuters will join The Post as a correspondent in our Beirut bureau.

Sarah is a native Arabic speaker who grew up in Syria and has demonstrated great skill and promise during her two years at Reuters, with assignments in Beirut, Riyadh and Istanbul. Her knowledge of Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia will make her a powerful addition to our Middle East team, with bureaus in Cairo, Jerusalem, Baghdad and Istanbul as well as in Beirut. Sarah will work particularly closely with Liz Sly, our Beirut bureau chief, who retains overall responsibility for the Syria and Lebanon stories in addition to her broader region-wide mission to deliver high-altitude enterprise projects.

Sarah is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the Columbia Journalism School. She spent her childhood and high school years in Damascus, the Syrian capital. In addition to her fluency in Arabic, she speaks intermediate Turkish. She will start at The Post on Sept. 16 and will spend a week in the newsroom before taking up her duties in Beirut.