The Washington Post today announced enhancements to the Washington Post app, adding a new “Discover” section that will feature a bold, highly visual presentation of the day’s most important and interesting stories, curated by Post editors.

“We’re excited to give Washington Post app users another option for reading the news,” said Leila Siddique, Senior Product Manager at The Post. “The goal is to make it easy to stay informed, and also learn something new you may have missed among the big headlines.”

The new “Discover” section will allow users to scroll visual headlines, and tap to read the full article. The visuals, internally known as “brights” and first used in the Washington Post Select app, are specifically created for each story by a newsroom design team, and got a refreshed look this year.

“In recent weeks, we have adjusted the designs of the brights to maximize impact. We have updated our use of typography, refined our color palette and implemented a dynamic illustration style to allow our top stories to have a more cohesive and modern feel,” said Chris Meighan, Director for Emerging News Products at The Post.

The stories in “Discover” will be a mix of top stories and interesting articles from across The Post, giving users a rounded view of the day’s news and surfacing a breadth of content not easily found among the typical hard news and politics headlines.

The app update will be available in this month on the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The visual headline view is also available in our Chrome browser extension, which can be downloaded by clicking here.