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The Washington Post to cease publication of Express

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The Washington Post will publish the last edition of its Express commuter paper as of Thursday, September 12. Express has been an integral part of the morning commute for Washingtonians—a lively, highly engaging publication that has served Washington’s Metro riders for years. With the growth of WiFi in Washington’s Metro system, The Post can now serve those readers in ways that couldn’t have been imagined when it launched 16 years ago. More and more readers are consuming The Post’s content digitally, and The Post will continue to serve those who commute via Metro with digital products, including its mobile site, apps, newsletters and podcasts.

Express was created in 2003 to give Metro readers a quick-read newspaper in a smaller format they could easily read during their morning ride to work. With this change, The Post plans to offer Express readers a 60-day, free trial for unlimited digital access to The Washington Post.