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The Washington Post releases ‘Launcher,’ a new section dedicated to video gaming and esports

The Washington Post today unveiled “Launcher,” a new section dedicated to video gaming, esports competitions and gaming culture. Debuting October 15 and sponsored exclusively by GEICO, Launcher will feature insightful analysis into the people, companies, teams and trends that comprise an industry becoming more prevalent in society every day.

“Gaming has become deeply ingrained in our social fabric, significantly impacting industries across sports, tech, business and pop culture, and we are uniquely positioned to cover this burgeoning industry,” said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, managing editor for The Post. “With Launcher, a dedicated team will look at all aspects of gaming, appealing to the casual player and avid esports fan alike.”

Mike Hume, editor of Launcher, will lead a staff consisting of Gene Park, reporter; Elise Favis, reporter and Mikhail Klimentov, editor. Jhaan Elker and Joe Moore will join Launcher as video producer and art director respectively.

Launcher will include the following:

· Feature stories about the ways influential voices and events are pushing gaming into the forefront of our culture.

· Updates on the latest video gaming trends, such as streaming, in-game economics and the expansion of esports leagues.

· Big-picture coverage of competitive gaming’s top leagues and events.

· Tips and tricks from pro gamers and streamers for titles ranging from Fortnite to Zelda.

· Breakdowns of gameplay updates, tweaks and new designs introduced to popular titles.

· Reviews of the biggest titles and spotlights on indie offerings.

The section will have a visually unique presentation and can be accessed at Follow the coverage on Twitter (@LauncherWP) and Instagram (@Launcher).