The Washington Post is revolutionizing how people can interact with news with the launch of a unique, highly-visual app for reading stories on TV. Available now on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, this interactive story presentation delivers The Post’s most important and interesting news and analysis in an easy-to-read, uninterrupted browsing experience.

“We wanted to bring The Post’s most engaging storytelling to smart TVs, where people are accustomed to watching videos or playing games,” said Kat Downs Mulder, Vice President of Product and Design at The Washington Post. “This isn’t a video product. We have created a forward-looking experience that lets readers access our journalism in a convenient way and discover a different role that news can play in their lives.”

The featured stories are curated by The Post’s Emerging News Products team and displayed in a stunning format that gives users total control of their news reading experience. Readers can scroll through the bold, full-screen graphic images to explore interesting headlines and dive deeper into each story by clicking through to read articles, watch video, listen to audio and more.

During the app concept development, The Post’s in-house Research team used Experience Management solutions from SAP (Qualtrics) to collect and analyze feedback from Fire TV owners – providing insights about smart TV user habits and preferences. The Post further leveraged the SAP® Qualtrics® Core XM platform to conduct tests of the app and collect reaction and feedback from these early adopters to help inform product iterations and features.

“As we build products, we work with our in-house Research team to test new experiences with customers. Hearing directly from customers was vital to developing a new navigation system based on TV remotes rather than touch screens,” said Downs Mulder.

To start reading with the new app, search for “The Washington Post” in Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. When using a phone or computer, users can also click Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV to have the app downloaded to their TV devices.

The app launch is sponsored by SAP, which is represented by the media agency PHD.