The Washington Post today is expanding its popular The 5-Minute Fix newsletter to publish five days a week, with a focus on impeachment inquiry news. The 5-Minute Fix is a smart, comprehensive look at what has become the biggest story of the Trump presidency, crafted to be read in five minutes or less.

“For the past four years, three days a week, this newsletter has broken down the political news of the day with analysis from me and the rest of The Fix team, building on reporting from The Post’s award-winning, news-breaking political and national security team,” said Amber Philips, author of The 5-Minute Fix. “Now that a potential impeachment is upon us, The 5-Minute Fix is retooling to focus on the latest impeachment news, and it will be in your inbox five days a week, Monday-Friday afternoons.”

At the end of each week, The 5-Minute Fix will also feature a wrap-up of the week’s impeachment news, providing brief and convenient access to the week’s developments day-by-day delivered directly to inboxes.

In addition to the newsletter, The Post is creating a new, dedicated page that will make it easy for readers to track the latest news and developments in the impeachment inquiry. Readers can find in-depth reporting and analysis to help contextualize and follow the congressional investigation of President Trump by visiting here: