Announcement from Executive Editor Marty Baron and Managing Editors Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Cameron Barr and Tracy Grant:

We are thrilled to announce that Greg Manifold will assume the new role of Creative Director for the newsroom.

In this position, Greg will work with our fantastic stable of visual journalists in Photo, Graphics, Emerging News Products, Video and the Hub in evolving the design aesthetic of The Post. His primary role will be to ensure that we have a clear and consistent design vision across all platforms. Greg will work with his counterparts in Product, Marketing and Engineering to ensure that this sensibility extends across the company. He will also be the main point of contact for new initiatives and design questions.

This announcement formalizes work that Greg, in his role as Design Director, has already been doing. Readers have come to embrace The Post’s sophisticated visual approach, one that he has helped foster. Under Greg’s leadership, Design has experimented with bespoke storytelling forms that have introduced Post journalism to countless new readers, on our site and other platforms. He has assembled a team of designers who have become increasingly adept at creating the immersive, multi-layered experiences that readers expect.

Greg is an ideal leader to bring together multiple newsroom departments to strengthen the visual coherence of the website, our apps and newsletters, and how we look on social and in print. He’ll work closely with visual leaders and department heads around the newsroom to amplify our industry-leading design work. In addition to working more closely with creative directors in other parts of the company and continuing to lead the Design department, Greg will supervise project editor Julie Vitkovskaya and a new project editor position we will be posting soon.

The Design department has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2013 when Greg was named director, a position we will now retire. The Design team is an integral collaborator in enhancing narrative storytelling, with the same designer handling the project across multiple platforms. Greg’s skills in art direction and his knowledge of Post fonts and typography have already made him a valuable partner for many colleagues throughout the company.

Greg was born and raised in Napa. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked at The San Diego Union-Tribune – with several current Post colleagues – before abandoning California to join The Post in 2005. His wife, Bridget, and their two kids make their home in Kensington.

Please join us in congratulating Greg on his new role.