Digiday senior reporter Max Willens talked with Post VP of Product and Design Kat Downs Mulder about her team’s strategy around the new product experience The Post is beginning to test on its homepage.

The Washington Post knows that people who visit its site homepage are more likely to become subscribers, and that subscribers who visit the homepage are less likely to churn, so it overhauled the homepage in an attempt to lure more readers to it.
On Mar. 9, the Post began testing a new design for its homepage that shows off more kinds of the paper’s content. Instead of lists of articles published in different sections of the site, each section now gets its own bucket of stories selected by editors. The design, which will be visible to 20% of the Post’s national audience at first, is also meant to foreground the Post’s stable of opinion writers, a direct response to reader feedback that the paper’s product team has been gathering...
“The No. 1 biggest thing we’re learning in our user research is that people are just really overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s out there,” said Kat Downs Mulder, the Post’s vp of product. “It’s about making sure the journalism we produce is easy to consume.”