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The Washington Post joins the World Wide Web Consortium

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The Washington Post today announces it has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), allowing The Post to participate in international discussions that ultimately determine standards that help shape digital business for years to come.

“As one of the world’s leading media and technology companies, we believe we can add tremendous value to the conversations happening in the World Wide Web Consortium working groups and help conceive and define future web standards,” said David Merrell, director of product partnerships at The Washington Post. “Our world-class engineering team has led the industry in innovation, including setting the bar for site speed and page load time, reimagining the traditional content management system, and pioneering a new frontier for ad technology. With our membership to W3C, we can advocate for standards and practices that promote a healthy digital publishing ecosystem and improve the customer experience, for readers and advertisers.”

As a member, The Post will look to join the Advertising Business Group and add experts to other committees and working groups related to privacy, security, publishing standards, web payment methods, and authentication, among others.

"Today, the convergence of media, technology, and publishing is creating significant issues and opportunities for advertising, privacy, security, and accessibility that are being addressed by the web community at W3C", said W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe. "We are delighted that at this critical time that The Washington Post has joined to provide both their vast industry expertise as well as their technological insight.”

More information on the W3C can be found here.