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Arc Publishing expedites release of live video streaming app for immediate customer use

Arc Publishing's Broadcast app enables users to quickly launch a live video stream and send it to multiple platforms simultaneously. (The Washington Post/TWP)

Arc Publishing has accelerated the release of its new mobile live video streaming app, Broadcast, making it available immediately for use by its customers exclusively in Apple’s App Store. The app gives journalists in the field another tool to deploy as they cover the impact of the coronavirus on their communities, and it enables enterprise brands on the Arc platform to connect easily with their workforce and customers.

“It’s critically important that publishers and broadcasters are able to get news and information to the audiences they serve, helping readers and their families stay safe and informed as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. The combination of social distancing and a story that is intrinsically local made a product like Broadcast feel more essential than ever before. For the enterprise customers we serve, the ability to keep their workforce and customers informed has never felt more urgent,” said Scot Gillespie, VP, GM of Arc Publishing. “With that in mind, we expedited the launch of the app so we can help our customers fulfill their mission at a time when their customers most depend on them for it.”

Under circumstances where staffing and resources are carefully considered, Arc customers can use Broadcast as a lightweight way to capture and stream live video to their news sites and apps, intranet and marketing site, YouTube channel, and Facebook Live simultaneously.

About Arc Publishing: Arc Publishing is an award-winning, state-of-the-art digital platform and suite of tools built by The Washington Post that’s engineered to meet the demands of modern publishers, brands and broadcasters around the world.