As The Post’s adtech-as-a-service business adds another new customer,, VP of Commercial Technology and Development Jarrod Dicker talked with Ad Week about the growth of the Zeus Performance and the results customers are seeing. From the story:

Now, six months after releasing a piece of that tech, called Zeus Performance, ad viewability for those new media partners is performing just as well as it did for Zeus’ first client, The Washington Post.
“We’ve been pleased with the performance in the initial testing phase,” said David Butler, svp of digital operations at magazine publisher Bonnier, noting that viewability, CPM and RPM have all increased under Zeus.
In that time, partners ranging from digital magazines to news websites, including The Dallas Morning News, saw an average viewability increase of 78% across clients. Programmatic eCPMs averaged a 31% increase on Zeus Performance, and RPMs are up an average of 13%, Dicker said.