The Washington Post today announced that Zeus Performance, the industry’s fastest, smartest and most compatible programmatic technology stack, has signed Snopes, one of the most read independent factchecking sites on the web. Just six months after going to market, Zeus Performance now powers advertising technology for more than 50 sites.

“Site performance and user experience are critical for a publisher’s success. We designed Zeus Performance with that in mind, making it easy for any site to improve speed and viewability resulting in higher revenue near-instantly,” says Jarrod Dicker, The Post’s VP of Commercial and GM of Zeus Technology. “With Zeus Performance, we are seeing an average ad viewability of 78 percent across all partners which yields more than a 30 percent increase in CPM.”

Snopes will be using Zeus Performance as their advertising and rendering framework, performance stack and full-service header wrapper.

“A sustainable future is being forged by publishers such as Snopes, who demand more meaningful relationships with their advertising partners,” said Ryan Miller, VP of advertising at Snopes. “We’ve found that kind of relationship with The Washington Post’s Zeus team, and we look forward to using Zeus Performance to improve our user experience, increase revenues, and help sustain our mission to combat misinformation everywhere.”

As an infrastructure layer, Zeus Performance works with sites across the web to update their framework and build a better ad ecosystem for creators, publishers and advertisers. These improvements give monetization control back to publishers and content creators, laying the foundation for them to leverage advanced technologies like next-generation targeting through Zeus Insights and a premium environment through Zeus Prime where brands can connect with readers at scale.

Zeus Performance is one of three industry-leading tools built in-house by The Post that comprise the Zeus Technology Suite. Interested partners can send a note to