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The Washington Post intern class of 2020 is one like no other, because 2020 is a year like no other. In the fall of 2019, we chose a group of 29 outstanding students from all across the country. They were nimble in all the ways we tell stories today: writing, video, audio, social media, design, graphics, editing. And because of a global pandemic that has impacted so many, most of them will not get the experience that The Post has offered to student journalists every year since 1963. The newsroom will have four students who have previously interned with us return this summer. Another 11 students who will be eligible for 2021 Post internships have been offered spots in that class. But none of that lessens the blow that this group won’t have the shared experience that has changed the lives of young journalists for the past 57 years. But you should still read about them. We will be keeping an eye on them, confident that their careers at The Washington Post have merely been delayed.

Caroline Anders

General Assignments | Indiana University
(Caroline Anders)

I grew up in Gahanna, Ohio, and hopped one state left for college at Indiana University. After working as a crime beat reporter and news editor, I’m now a managing editor of the Indiana Daily Student, the place that made me fall in love with reporting. My past two summers were spent in Boston, first at WBUR and more recently at the Boston Globe. The last time I was in D.C. was for an eighth-grade field trip, so I’m excited to see what’s changed since 2012! I have a thing for bees and hope to someday keep hives like my great-grandmother did. I’m also trying to learn to play the piano. (It’s not going well.)

Peter Andringa

Graphics | University of North Carolina

I’m a (soon-to-be) graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where I studied journalism and computer science. As a Robertson Scholar, I also lived and took classes down the road at Duke University, although you’ll never catch me wearing that shade of blue. I grew up in Northern Virginia, where a STEM-focused high school and an interest in coding led me to intern at a number of tech companies in the D.C. area. In college, I combined that experience with my interest in journalism, working in a media innovation lab and conducting research about news consumption on Facebook. Beyond campus, I’m a semi-regular contributor to the Guardian and spent summers with graphics teams at the Wall Street Journal and NBC. (I also once spent a summer in rural Mississippi, which fostered a love for the South and a hatred of mosquitoes.) In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading and alternating between joy and despair while watching college basketball. I’m excited to return to D.C., where I’ll defend the city’s Metro and food scene to anyone who dares criticize them. I have fond childhood memories of starting with the KidsPost page and eventually devouring the whole newspaper, so I can’t wait to contribute to an institution I’ve appreciated for so long.

Nicole Asbury

Metro | University of Kansas

Hi — I’m from Leavenworth, Kan., a small city along the Missouri-Kansas border. I currently attend the University of Kansas. I’m studying journalism and women, gender and sexuality studies. Growing up, I was probably too nosy and curious for my own good. Leavenworth was rich with history from the Civil War era, and I remember snooping around the community theater for its secret passageways. (I also read a lot of Nancy Drew.) But the nosiness and curiosity I curated ended up meshing well with journalism. I spent two and a half years at my college’s newspaper, the University Daily Kansan. I worked as a beat reporter before becoming the paper’s enterprise editor. As a team, we covered KU’s budget cuts, its corporate relationships, Greek life, sexual misconduct, etc. Before coming to The Post, I interned with the Kansas City Star twice — once as a breaking news intern, then as a Kansas statehouse reporting intern. Another thing: I love Colombian food. If you have any idea on where to find the best arepa, please let me know.

Mackenzie Behm

Video | University of Florida
Mackenzie Behm for the intern class of 2020 page, cropped (Mackenzie Behm and TWP/Mackenzie Behm)

Born and raised in Florida, I’ve been surrounded by interesting characters my whole life. Video journalism has allowed me to elevate these voices (and has taken me on some pretty cool assignments). I sailed on a boat with a Paralympic athlete who won a silver medal in Rio de Janeiro. I followed a wrestling group and drank Red Bull backstage with them. I documented the end of dog racing in Florida. I flew over the hurricane-devastated Bahamian island of Abaco in a tiny plane with a bishop. Reporting has taken me to the front lines of life. Fun facts: I was an extra in a Coca-Cola commercial, I can speak gibberish (it’s like pig Latin) and I cheered with Gabi Butler from Netflix’s “Cheer” when I was young! Come find me if you want to know what your zodiac sign means or the best way to outrun an alligator.

Mia Berry

Sports | University of Notre Dame
Mia Berry for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (Mia Berry)

Marhaban! Hello! My name is Mia and I am a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame, where I majored in journalism and business. In case you were wondering, “marhaban” means “hello” in Arabic. I’ve studied Arabic for almost three years, and I can say a few basic Arabic phrases like “How are you?,” “I’m a sportswriter” and “I have no idea what you just said because I didn’t study.” I was born and raised in Detroit, which means I am a long-suffering Detroit sports fan. (The Tigers have drafted more Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, Pat Mahomes, than the Lions.) Previously, I’ve interned at the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times. This summer, I am looking forward to improving my writing and consuming everything The Post has to offer. Fun fact: I am a former student of the Pulitzer-winning WaPo journalist Carlos Lozada. My Twitter handle is @IamMiaBerry.

Michael Blackshire

Photo | Western Kentucky University

Hello, all! Or as we say in Kentucky, “Florence Y’all.” (Inside joke.) I was born and raised in Louisville. My hometown built my interest in storytelling as I explored the history of the city as a youth. I graduated from Western Kentucky University in the spring of 2020 after seven years. I originally majored in film, not joining the photojournalism program until my senior year of college. I am proud of my choice and my seven years of growth -- the same amount of time Van Wilder finished school in that one movie. I will be working alongside the photography desk, and I am excited for the summer ahead. I hope to make new friends, new adventures and maybe even be in a TikTok video, because millennials going to millennial.

Ella Brockway

Multiplatform Editing (Sports) | Northwestern University

Hi there! I’m Ella, and I’m going to be a senior at Northwestern University, majoring in journalism and international studies. I’ve worked at the Daily Northwestern as a sports reporter/editor for the last three years. I’ve also satisfied my passions for grammar and royal history serving as the paper’s copy chief and its royal family correspondent, covering Northwestern’s most famous alum, Meghan Markle. I’m from the Jersey Shore — “Thunder Road” is Bruce’s best song and I won’t hear otherwise — and I interned last summer at the Asbury Park Press. I studied in Madrid last fall, watching a lot of soccer and sitting in a ton of European airports, passing the time making my own Sudoku puzzles with varying levels of success. In the future, I hope to tell meaningful stories about sports — and to finally pass the online quiz that names all 353 mascots in Division I college basketball. Currently at 294.

Allison Cho

Multiplatform Editing (News) | University of Missouri
Allison Cho for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (TWP and Allison Cho/Allison Cho)

Hi! I’m Allison, a multiplatform editing intern and a recent graduate from the University of Missouri, where I majored in journalism and minored in business. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I love coffee-flavored foods (coffee, less so), consistent editing choices and exploring local bookstores and libraries. Contrary to my ability to dramatically crack an egg with one hand, I’m not a professional chef. At the age of 16, I wrote an investigative piece on human trafficking and haven’t wavered from journalism since. Last summer, I worked at Politico Europe in Brussels during the European elections. I’m coming straight from NBC News’s digital team in New York, so D.C. is definitely a change of pace! When I’m not reading, I split my time between museums, bakeries and wishing I had a cat.

Christine Condon

Metro | University of Maryland

I’m Christine, a Marylander who hates eating crabs and a journalist who doesn’t drink coffee. I went to the University of Maryland, where I studied journalism, political science and Spanish, and reported for our campus newspaper — the Diamondback (may our print edition rest in peace). I’m a Hufflepuff, I’m a big Baltimore Orioles fan (even when it hurts), and I wish I was hanging out with my cats right now.

Emily Davies

Metro | Brown University
Emily Davies for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (Emily Davies)

I’m a D.C. native and 2019 National intern who can’t believe that I get to return to my hometown and favorite newsroom on the Metro desk. Last summer, I learned the ins and outs of the Capitol’s basement and had the chance to talk to voters from Texas to Iowa. I graduated from Brown University, where I spent my last year as editor in chief of the Brown Daily Herald. In my free time, I walk (a lot!) and call half of my contact list to say hi.

Hannah Denham

Business and Financial | Washington and Lee University
Hannah Denham for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Hannah Denham)

I interned with The Post’s business and financial desk last summer, and I’ve been counting down the days to return to the newsroom. I’ll graduate in May from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., but I’m originally from Mobile, Ala. While I’m somehow missing the accent, living in the South was good preparation for a journalism career: I’m nosy and enjoy getting to know strangers. I’ve written, filmed and produced documentaries in Virginia, Vietnam and Ghana, and I’m passionate about telling stories that intersect culture, identity and new angles.

Madison Dong

Design/Graphics | Northwestern University
Madison Dong for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Madison Dong)

Hi there! My name is Madison, and I’m a junior at Northwestern University studying journalism, computer science and design. I was at The Post last summer and fall on the newsroom engineering team, where I designed election page components, developed reporting tools and had some really amazing mentors. I’m excited to be in the graphics and design departments this summer so I can continue exploring how media and technology come together in meaningful ways. I was born and raised in central Illinois, which is home to not only cornfields, but also the largest Dairy Queen in the U.S. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of making playlists, watching movies with friends and eating instant ramen with an egg.

Hadley Green

Video | University of North Carolina
Hadley Green for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Hadley Green)

I am a graduate student at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill and a video intern at The Washington Post. Before grad school, I worked as a staff photojournalist at the Salem News in my home state of Massachusetts, where I covered the opioid epidemic, local politics and lots of high school sports. Through journalism, I love meeting new people and telling stories. I was an avid contributor to Yahoo Answers in elementary school, specializing in the “Family and Relationships” section. These days, you can find me making zines and spending time with friends.

Jasmine Hilton

National | Ohio State University
Jasmine Hilton for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (Jasmine Hilton)

What inspires me the most about becoming a professional journalist is the stories themselves. I’m Jasmine Hilton, the current special projects editor and soon-to-be managing editor of the Lantern, Ohio State’s newspaper. Always smiling, my natural enthusiasm follows me wherever I go! I inherited a love of driving and hours-long road trips from my mom, who regularly drove us to each of my hometowns: Columbus, Ohio; Cartersville, Ga.; and Bowie, Md. Traveling across the country gave me a heart for telling the stories of communities around me and a passion for social justice. As an aspiring investigative/enterprise reporter, I want to raise awareness of the issues that affect us all and impact the way we see each other and the world around us, one story at a time. Wherever those stories take me, joy and faith are my fuel.

Kristie-Valerie Hoang

Social Media | UCLA
Kristie-Valerie Hoang for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Kristie-Valerie Hoang)

Hello! I’m Kristie and I’m a recent graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where I studied political science and human biology and society. I usually have an elevator pitch for why studying science makes me a good journalist, but I’ll be frank: I was about halfway done with my biology degree when I decided leads, not cells, were my passion. I haven’t regretted this major leap one bit. In fact, working in journalism has led me to a cameo in Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” documentary (01:07:47). But more importantly, journalism allowed me to combine my passion for art and storytelling. Throughout my career, I’ve reported on Asian American identity, mental health and UCLA’s $4 billion fundraising campaign. I also photographed Michelle Obama. This past year, I was the digital managing editor of the Bruin, where I oversaw multimedia production, online storytelling and the creation of many digital-first memes. I’m excited to spend my summer with the Audience Department utilizing the Internet to bring readers closer to journalism. And a fun fact about me: I’m incredibly clumsy. Like, falling-down-three-flights-of-stairs clumsy. But hey, I’m still here.

Anastasia Marks

Multiplatform Editing (News) | University of Maryland
Anastasia Marks for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Anastasia Marks)

I’m Anastasia and am a rising senior at the University of Maryland, just a Metro ride away from K Street NW. I knew early in life that I wanted to work with words. Before coming to The Post, I secured my first semi-journalism job in sixth grade when I wrote and designed a weekly parent newsletter for my elementary school’s pre-K. About a decade later, I joined the Diamondback, my college student newspaper, as a copy editor. In 2019, I was the Dow Jones News Fund editing intern at the New York Times. Born and raised in southern California, I’m determined to find the best Mexican restaurant in the District by the end of the summer. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me spending as much time as possible outside in the sun to stock up on vitamin D before yet another East Coast winter.

Ramishah Maruf

Editorial | University of North Carolina
Ramishah Maruf for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Ramishah Maruf)

Hi! I’m Ramishah Maruf, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying journalism, political science and creative writing. I’m a senior writer at the Daily Tar Heel and have served as opinion editor at the DTH and editor in chief of the Durham Voice, which covers an underrepresented news desert. Last summer, I interned at CNN Opinion in New York City. I’m so excited to work at WaPo this summer — it’s been my dream job since high school. My friends say I talk way too much about my home state, Florida, but I think that’s justified since we have Publix and wonderful beaches. I’m also a massive UNC basketball fan (please, don’t bring up this season). As for the future, I would love to be a reporter and publish a collection of essays and short stories one day.

Eduardo Medina

Metro | Auburn University
Eduardo Medina for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Eduardo Medina)

Hey, everyone. I’m a proud Birmingham, Ala., native and recent graduate of Auburn University. I got my start working for our student newspaper, the Auburn Plainsman, and I’m extremely grateful and excited to now tell stories for The Washington Post. I love reggaeton, used bookstores and debating top five hip-hop MCs.

Natachi Onwuamaegbu

Features | Stanford University
Natachi Onwuamaegbu for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Natachi Onwuamaegbu)

Hi all! My name is Natachi Onwuamaegbu, and I’m a rising senior at Stanford University. I was raised in the greater D.C. area so I’ve always considered The Washington Post to be my local newspaper and national news to be local news. I love all kinds of stories and all the ways stories can be communicated. I love listening to slam poetry, writing short stories, discovering new places and listening to podcasts. I’m so excited to learn about my city by doing what I love best, and I can’t wait to cover people and events that may never have been featured in The Post before. I am also a karaoke fanatic. I’ve found it’s the perfect activity for people that can’t dance or sing but like to have an audience.

Hira Qureshi

Audio | University of Memphis
Hira Qureshi for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (Hira Qureshi)

I’m Hira Qureshi, an audio intern at The Washington Post, and I have a passion for food, coffee and audio storytelling. I’m also a proud Pakistani Muslim American. I created, produced and hosted my very own podcast called “Eating Z with Hira Qureshi.” It explores the Muslim community — the food, the lifestyle and its individuals. It specifically explores what Zabihah eating is, the differences between Zabihah and Halal and how Muslims fit into the American lifestyle. (https://eatingz.wixsite.com/podcast) I previously interned with the Democrat and Chronicle, the Daily Memphian and Homeland Security Today, and freelanced with WKNO and the Commercial Appeal.

Kimberly Rapanut

Emerging News Products | Arizona State University
Kimberly Rapanut for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Kimberly Rapanut)

After calling the Sonoran Desert home for nearly my entire life, I’m ecstatic to trade my warm, colorful Southwest sunsets for East Coast humidity and better public transportation. At Arizona State University, I studied journalism, wore lots of sunscreen and was editor in chief of the State Press. Along the way, I also interned at the Arizona Republic/azcentral.com, the state’s largest newspaper, where I held stints writing breaking news and producing and publishing stories. I love dim sum and helping my friends make Spotify playlists for their pets — highly recommend this as a bonding activity. Alternatively, I’m not the biggest fan of watermelon and losing in “Mario Kart,” even though I’m far from good at it.

Carrington J. Tatum

General Assignments | Texas State University
Carrington Tatum for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune/Carrington Tatum)

I’m good for about two conversation topics: finishing projects the day they’re due and Kanye West. You might think this is too narrow of a knowledge base for journalism, but that’s my strength as a reporter. When you’re an expert in only two things, that means you have plenty of questions about the rest of the world. I studied journalism at Texas State University, ran my college paper as a junior and covered policy and politics for the Texas Tribune as a senior. Journalism is easy — you talk to people, they say some stuff, you write it down. I’m a reporter because abuses of power begin with an imbalance of information, so I want to give information to everybody.

Revati Thatte

Editorial | University of California at Berkeley
Revati Thatte for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Revati Thatte)

I’ve always had a foot in two buckets: building things and writing things. I figured that at some point in college, I’d be struck by a lightning bolt of wisdom and know exactly which path to pursue. Four years later, I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, while my passion for journalism has remained intact. I love learning how things work — that’s why I liked reporting on the mechanics of higher education in California for my campus newspaper, the Daily Californian. I also realized that I enjoyed discussing why things should or shouldn’t be the way that they are, which led me to a fulfilling semester as the Daily Cal’s opinion editor. As someone who lives for the drama that is American politics, I’m really excited to join the editorial team at The Post this summer. Also, having lived in California for most of my life, I’m excited to explore D.C. in its entirety — and experience a decent public transit system for once!

Talia Trackim

Design | Syracuse University
Talia Trackim for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Talia Trackim/Corey Henry)

My name is Talia, and I’m an editorial designer with a love for art directing, designing cross-platform and telling stories with high impact. I’m currently a rising senior graphic design student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Last summer, I was the print design intern at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. While there, I designed for the news and features sections, including A1, Taste, Science and Health, Metro, Variety and more. I was the second intern in recent Star Tribune history to design the front page. I also created designs and animations for the newspaper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. For the past three years, I worked at the Daily Orange, the independent newspaper of Syracuse, as a designer. During my junior year, I was the presentation director, where I managed the paper’s design, photo and illustrations staffs, while art and design directing all of our print and digital products. Previously, I worked as the digital design director. While I primarily work in editorial design, I also love illustrating, web designing, typography and working on my motion design skills. When I manage to get away from the computer, you can find me attempting to make my way through my reading list (it’s not going too well), cooking gluten- and dairy-free recipes (lots of rice and veggies) and enjoying the sunshine (or at least dreaming of it when in snowy Syracuse).

Allison Weis

Editorial | Syracuse University
Allison Weis for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Allison Weis)

Hello! My name is Allison Weis, and I’m a rising senior at Syracuse University. I just got back from London where I spent my spring semester studying abroad. I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe, but one of my favorite experiences was dog sledding in Finland. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy spending my free time reading and watching Tik Toks. This is my second summer interning in D.C. — last summer I interned with USA Today’s Editorial Page. I’m looking forward to being back in the land of “West Wing” and Bibibop!

Sammy Westfall

Foreign | Yale University
Samantha Westfall for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Samantha Westfall)

Having grown up in Manila, Philippines; Frankfurt, Germany; and Baku, Azerbaijan — before moving to Connecticut for college — I was always fascinated by world news. So, when I found out I’d be reporting for The Post’s Foreign Desk, I knew I was in for my dream summer. Working as the editor in chief of the Yale Daily News takes up most of my waking hours, but I love spending free time in art museums, on trains and thinking about home in the Philippines. Now a junior at Yale, I’m majoring in political science and history, and my favorite assignments always combine both disciplines. My reporting summers have so far taken me to two sides of the world: Ohio and Metro Manila. Reporting for the Toledo Blade, I spent days in an Elyria, Ohio, courthouse covering a $44 million libel trial between Oberlin College and a local bakery. At the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I worked on the crime beat during the height of Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, conducting interviews from holding cells, Malacañang Palace — the residence of the president — national protests, and the country’s most overcrowded prison. I can’t wait to add D.C. to the list and to see all that is in store!

Annabelle Williams

Features | University of Pennsylvania
Annabelle Williams for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Annabelle Williams)

Hello! I’m a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and an incoming features intern. While at Penn, I worked at the Daily Pennsylvanian as 34th Street Magazine’s editor in chief, eating stale pizza and wreaking permanent havoc on my sleep schedule. When I wasn’t at the DP, I studied English and creative writing and wrote a thesis about the vampire trope in pop culture (basically, I watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for course credit). I’ve worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Magazine’s the Strategist in past summers, and I can’t wait to bring my love of feature writing to The Post. In the future, I hope to write and edit reported and critical cultural coverage. Some fun facts about me: Both my parents are twins, I came into Penn as a student at the Wharton School before switching to English, and I’m 6 feet tall.

Monique Woo

Photo | University of Missouri
Monique Woo for the Intern Class of 2020 page (Monique Woo)

Originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles, I have spent the past five years at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying photojournalism and visual editing. When I’m not living in a landlocked state, I enjoy spending time 30 to 80 feet below the ocean diving and mastering underwater photography. As this will be my second summer internship at The Post, I am most excited to continue my exploration of food truck cuisine and Compass caffeine.

Avery Yang

Sports | Northwestern University
Avery Yang for the Intern Class of 2020 page, cropped (Avery Yang)

Hello, all! I’m Avery. I have an unhealthy amount of takes but, for brevity’s sake, I’ll just drop two in here. One: The Japanese reality series “Terrace House” is hands down the best show on television. Two: When mankind sends another one of those golden records hurtling into space like NASA did with Voyagers I and II — the ones that are supposed to encapsulate life and culture on Earth — “Blonde” by Frank Ocean will be the first thing on that disc. In all seriousness, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to intern with one of the world’s pillars of democracy. I have interned at the Associated Press, where my focus was on Asian or Asian American issues in sports and beyond. I was the last ever intern at Deadspin (which was a good website). I’ve also covered the Los Angeles Angels for MLB.com and the Atlanta Hawks for the old ESPN TrueHoop Network.

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