The Washington Post announced today the creation of new roles designed to enhance coverage of the growing national discourse on race in this historic moment and beyond, including a Managing Editor for Diversity and Inclusion, a senior leadership position with responsibilities such as convening regular coverage discussions focused on race and identity and the identification and recruitment of candidates.

“This is a historic moment in American history and in race relations. It requires us to re-examine our coverage and concentrate resources on the issues of race, ethnicity and identity that clearly deserve heightened attention,” said Marty Baron, executive editor of The Post. “With this expansion, we will be more inclusive in our journalism, providing broader and deeper reporting that today’s social reckoning demands.”

An editor will be added to the America Desk to help direct and edit these areas of coverage. New positions will include:

  • Race in America writer: A reporter who can write with immediacy, sweep and authority on the topic of race and identity in America.
  • Writer on America and multiculturalism: A reporter who will focus on the nation’s emergence as a predominately multicultural society – a momentous demographic shift that requires sustained attention and enterprising reporting.
  • Writer for the About US newsletter: An additional reporter to expand this already successful newsletter, which is now publishing twice a week.

Additional positions included in this expanded coverage are:

  • National Security writer: A reporter with investigative skills to dig into domestic terrorism, including extremist groups with supporters in the military and police; the internationalization of far-right groups; and the sources of financial support for white nationalism.
  • Criminal Justice writer: A reporter who will focus on the administration of justice in the United States, from policing to probation. The beat will encompass the reforms now being debated, incarceration at state and federal levels, and the experiences of those leaving prison.
  • Climate & Environment writer: A reporter to focus on environmental inequities, how climate change disproportionately harms people least responsible for it, the higher risk of exposure to pollution for communities of color and how communities of color are finding ways to adapt to environmental threats.
  • Health and Science writer: A reporter to focus on health disparities, the impact of structural and interpersonal racism on health and the sociology and psychology of racism and its impacts.
  • Style writer: A features writer who can chronicle the cultural manifestations of an America that is changing demographically.

In addition, The Post will add a photojournalist with experience in coverage of race and identity, a multiplatform editor on the copy desk to help with the increase in coverage and Washington Post Live staff to oversee the development of a series of live discussions.