Ad Exchanger’s Sarah Sluis reports on the latest with Zeus Performance, The Post’s industry-leading programmatic stack and rendering engine, talking with customers like the Dallas Morning News and Snopes as well as with Jarrod Dicker, VP of Commercial Tech and GM of Zeus.

“They understand the news business vs. someone that is a pure tech player,” said Mike Orren, chief product officer at The Dallas Morning News...
But where Zeus stands out is that it also renders ads. “Ad tech is focused on bidding, which is detached from the rendering cycle – Zeus Performance brings those things together,” explained Jarrod Dicker, VP of commercial tech at the Post.
The connection between bidding and rendering, with small code tweaks throughout, can maximize performance. Dicker said the tech can help publishers improve viewability even if their rates are as high as 60% to 70%, without sacrificing impression volume, user experience or the ability to add additional demand sources.