The Washington Post today launched The Road to Recovery, a new section highlighting attempts to rebuild the nation’s economy, its communities and its spirit in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. This coverage, supported by AT&T and JPMorgan Chase, will concentrate on stories of success and struggle as individuals and businesses seek to repair the damage caused by illness and an economic shutdown.

“The Post is committed to being an informational resource during these uncertain times, recognizing the diverse set of challenges people are facing across the country, including their finances, children’s education, jobs and overall life,” said Renae Merle, Road to Recovery editor. “With this new section, we will bring awareness to the successes and struggles in collective efforts to recover during this pandemic.”

The section will feature a multitude of topics, including individuals working to resume productive lives; businesses emerging to serve the public as the country emerges from the pandemic; major companies as they start rehiring and seek to restore normalcy; restaurants and other small businesses aiming to re-establish themselves; schools as they resume operations, endeavoring to give parents and students the stability they once had; and the resumption of sports, professional and amateur.

As part of this expanded coverage, The Post is also producing an immersive video storytelling project that captures the effect the pandemic has had on two important industries that are scrambling to rebuild.

“We are excited to bring readers the story of two supply chains in rural America that are working under unique circumstances during the pandemic,” said Elite Truong, deputy editor of strategic initiatives at The Washington Post. “We can quickly provide our readers with quality coverage as we document how affected communities are adapting in this era.”

While reporting Road to Recovery stories, journalists used AT&T technology, including 5G-enabled mobile devices, to fly drones, capture streaming video, and collaborate.

“AT&T has been working closely with The Post’s editorial team to integrate our 5G network and devices into its news gathering. Now that AT&T 5G is nationwide, The Post will have the opportunity to unlock new storytelling capabilities,” said Mo Katibeh, EVP – Chief Product and Platform Officer for AT&T Business. “Pair cutting edge technology with innovative storytelling and you’ve got powerful ways to inform, inspire, and connect.”

As a supporter for Road to Recovery, JPMorgan Chase will work with WP BrandStudio to share stories and data highlighting the challenges that communities have faced during the covid-19 pandemic and solutions to help create a more inclusive economy that provides opportunity for more people.

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